Secret house Paul Walker in Indonesia

by admin on December 2, 2013

Secret house Paul Walker in Indonesia

Secret house Paul Walker in Indonesia

Actor “Fast and Furious” Paul Walker turned out to have its own closeness with Indoenesia. In an interview with Men’s Health, 2010 ago, Walker claimed he had a secret paradise in Indonesia, although it does not specifically mention the location.

Walker revealed his secret home is far away in the woods and very difficult to achieve. “There is no way to get in there, I really have to open the way there,” I’m the man with one daughter.

According to Walker, Indonesia is the way he is running away from the shooting fatigue and busyness as an actor. The man who aspires to be a marine biologist stated that Indonesia is the most beautiful place. “I thought the place was going to be my secret island, a paradise on earth. The place was very beautiful, if not the most beautiful on earth, let alone the price to get it is not cheap, “said Walker.

Secret house Paul Walker in Indonesia

Walker on his personal love of heaven was shown through his hands. Walker resting in Indonesia to build a house with his own hands. He did not care if exposed to rain storm while doing it.

“I love doing it, even when it rains. That sucks when it rains continue to fall and lightning did not stop, “he said. “It’s not easy to work in the rain, let alone I do not have electricity. Only use candles, “he added.

But anyway, all that hard work pays off. Walker gets his satisfaction to be closer to nature. He claimed to be hunting to get food and then cook it over a campfire. “Everything is traditional, I grow vegetables and fishing and diving to get lobsters and octopus,” he says.

However, Walker never stay long at the retreat house. Maximum of only three weeks. “If you do it every day, it could be boring. But coming here for over three weeks is the perfect vacation, “he concluded.

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